Brona henna eyebrow dye set

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Brona henna eyebrow dye set

Eyebrow painting has never been easier than with the new Brona eyebrow paint. Brona henna can be used on sensitive skin because it does not need an oxidizer and it is significantly less irritating. The range of 10 different colors provides a wide selection to match the color required for the eyebrows.
Features of BRONA henna eyebrow paint:

Mix with water, no oxidizer required
Wide range of 10 colors
Simple application process
Beautiful eyebrow look for a long time
Size: 10 colors of 4g
2 jars, 2 scoops and brushes with comb

How to use eyebrow henna?

Wipe off any make-up residue with "Excellent foam cleancer".
Spoon 1: 2 henna powder and hot water into a glass cup.
Carefully apply the first layer of henna paste on the cleaned and tidy eyebrows in the desired shape.
Apply henna paste 3 times at 5-10 minute intervals and leave for 30 minutes.
When drawing lines, immediately wipe the henna paste off the unwanted surface with a wet cotton swab.
After 30 minutes, rinse with a wet cotton swab or sponge.